At what RPM does your enginge run best? My dyno will tell you…

Here’s a typical 5 hp Briggs engine shown on a acceleration report. The third column is what I like to use, “Corr Time Diff”. Looking on the far left column under engine RPM it shows to go from 4500 to 4575, it takes .271 of a second to accelerate through that time window. This is a bad example because this is a very tired motor but you’ll see that it surges up & down in time as it accelerates. Then at 5775 to 5850, it just drops off drasticly. If this were a race motor, it’s where you’d want to see maximum engine rpm. This is my test motor for testing new dynos and it’s very tired.
The forth column is very handy too. If a customer has three motors and he knows that at a certain race track he turns the motor say 4500 to 6500. He can dyno all three motors and see which one has the lowest “Corr Total Time”, the forth column.  That engine acelererates  thru that engine rpm range (4500 to 6450) the quickest.

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