Sling Shot Inertia Dyno – Hewitt Inertia Dyno’s

Used on v-twin briggs engines on dirt type race cars. We made a quick change #40 chain two piece split sprocket so he can change from 3-to-1 or 4-to-1 ratio. This engine has electric start so he just hooks up battery, starts engine, turns on the data system and hits the gas. This dyno is accurate to 1/10th of a horsepower & also is a clutch dyno. Measures engagement rpm, slippage ratio and also measures where total lock-up of clutch occurs.  Interested in a Sling Shot?   Give me a ring.  Stan







One response to “Sling Shot Inertia Dyno – Hewitt Inertia Dyno’s

  1. Please forward me info on your dyno. I running karts plate motors and bandolaro, and jr drag 12:90,8:90,7:90 and next year OUTLAW!!! I need dyno that will work with all engines. Thank’s Paul

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