High Horsepower Dyno – Hewitt Inertia Dyno


This is a dyno for someone who wants to dyno engines from 4 hp up to 100 or more. It uses just a simple mechanical coupler to add one or more of the flywheels. I have four of these dynos in the U.S. We normally install a larger axle to eliminate axle flex of the higher horsepower engines. This machine also had a electrically controlled hydraulic system which could be controlled out side of the dyno room to heat the engine head temp up to 300 degrees or more.  All data systems come with a S.A.E. weather correction system. Most customers order head temperature and some use a exhaust sensor in the crankcase oil to make sure engine is up to temp. Air/fuel ratio is now available as an option.  Questions?  Want to purchase? Call me…


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