Chinese Clone Motor on Gas‏ – Engine Dyno


Here’s a dyno pull comparasion of a Chinese yellow clone motor on gas. We started with a stock engine with a stock muffler, put in 16 oz. of 10w30 oil and did a couple of dyno pulls. Engine ran very bad, sounded like a bad spark plug. As you can see by the lower dyno pull engine surged very bad due to very lean condition. Made 4.6 hp at maximum at 3000 rpm. First thing we did was remove stock muffler and replace it with a small header we got from ARC.  Really didn’t help much, engine still very lean. Drilled main jet out to .037″ and dyno again. Engine souded very strong and made big jump in horepower. We then tryed Animal springs instead of stock springs. Really didn’t do anything, in fact lost hp on top end. Went back to stock springs and stuck on large RLV header. Made a pretty good jump in hp. Ended up with large RLV header and .036″ jet. I don’t think this header will be legal for the rules that I skimmed thru very quickly but just for your infomation. I think the small header from ARC ran best with a .035″ jet.  I know A.R.C.  & J.C. Specialtys both have parts for these.
About 5400, this motor really fill off. A couple of people have told me spring pressures will make a big difference but they will not be legal!
The dyno sheet show a comparision of a bone stock engine with how we ended up with all stock parts except for jet change. Tightening valve lash settings didn’t make much differance. Ended up gogin back to .003″.  Max torque was at 3600 rpm, peak hp at 4900 after jet change.

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