Kart Engine Dyno – Inertia Dyno






THIS IS OUR #1 SELLING DYNO. 2001-2009 “PRO” SERIES DYNO- this dyno comes with new USB Pro data system. This dyno measures 27 ½” x 48” so it will fit thru a 28” door of your dyno room. . It has the new electric start system and the new 35mm belt drive. It comes with a small parts kit to get you started. This dyno has two separate axles and can have a sprag clutch or can be built direct drive. Normally this is bought will a pro type data system and sold with a complete computer system with printer, surge protector, all cables, etc. We would need zip code for freight estimate. We also should talk about what you want for computer system (laptop, desktop, printer, etc.) 

$7999.00 – call me and I can give you all the details

or I can make one specifically for your needs.

~ Stan

c 641.512.3395


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