Hewitt Inertia Dyno – 2001 TO 2009 “PRO” SERIES DYNO


2001 TO 2009 “PRO” SERIES DYNO

This is the number #1 selling dyno for me. The “new” 2009 models have a new synchronous belt drive system that has almost totally eliminated belt breakage. With the old 30mm belt drive, a customer could break two to three belts a month with heavy use.

The new system uses a wider Kevlar belt with larger pulleys both top & bottom.

The “new” electric start system also has been improved. We’ve went to larger battery cables. We’ve also went to a starter relay system so the starter gets more voltage and amperage. Cranking speeds have gone up 20 to 25 percent. This helps start the engine quicker. No more fast starts or clicks of the starter with the dyno turning over.

This dyno comes standard with a 25 hp flywheel. Many of you want a 30 hp flywheel for the animal Ltds & some over engines coming into popularity. The longer the dyno pull in time (seconds), the more accuracy. This dyno comes standard with a torsion shock system and a 75 hp one-way sprag clutch. An optional 100 hp sprag clutch is an available for a small optional price. We do offer another dyno with flywheels up to 49 hp that can use a one-way sprag clutch. The reason we’re going to a different flywheel is to save you money in freight costs!

The pictures highlight some of the most common used options.

This dyno normally comes with one-way sprag clutch or can be bought for about $717.00 less without sprag clutch & torsion shock system. So this dyno would be electric start direct drive.


One response to “Hewitt Inertia Dyno – 2001 TO 2009 “PRO” SERIES DYNO

  1. I’ll like to test HONDA 5.5 hp to ROTAX 35hp engine on the same dyno what will be the dyno and inertia wheel needed to achieved that?

    What will be the cost of the package needed FOB Montreal, Canada?



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