We now have a low cost Quarter Midget Dyno using a simple jackshaft and clutch. It allows you to start your engine with a simple hand held electric starter, walk over to the dyno, engage the data system, go wide open throttle till maximum rpm, shut off system. Do S.A.E. weather correction, download data and graph it or make reports of any data you wish. It’s accurate enough to see .001” jet changes on gas very easy. I worked with a GX120 and made several changes and saw everything I changed on the computer screen. See acceleration data to see exactly were engine acceleration slows or stops, see engine head temp, exhaust temp, air/fuel ratio, oil crankcase temp, etc. with the right data system. This dynos also allows you to dyno any engine up to 25 to 30 hp with a ¾” or 1” output shaft using any clutch. A Premier Titan is recommended with yellow/red springs. With these larger motors you will be able to dyno all clutches, see engagement rpm, slippage ratio and were total lock-up of clutch occurs or were its back to one to one (direct drive). With the “Pro” software you can overlay up to six graphs at a time, including clutch dyno pulls, click on any part of the graph to see increments of torque/hp in 1/100ths of an increment. Or ZOOM in on any part of the graph down to 30 rpm increments. For example, testing top end headers, (6000 to 6400) rpm. See up to 10 columns of data side by side up to 10 columns wide or see “data & difference” which shows you plus/minus data in the third column running vertically down the page. This is a very simple dyno which will last many years. Software can be run on Windows 95’ to Vista. A basic Celeron laptop will work just fine ($500.00). You may need a USB to Serial port Adapter for newer computers without a serial port or purchase a newer system that works thru your USB ports. We will be glad to explain and quote anything your interested in.


HEWITT RACING & MFG., PHONE 1-641-775-3395 OR CELL 1-641-512-3395, FAX 1-641-775-3399 OR E-MAIL: HEWITTDYNO@GMAIL.COM



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